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Job of a Student Government Academic Executive on a College Campus


The role of the academic executive on a college campus is one of the most crucial student body positions. For those of you who are unaware of what the student body does or how it is composed, you should pay attention because this is important information that concerns every student on a college campus.


The Student government is comprised of a legislative and executive body. Both branches of student government are elected students but the executive board positions have a huge say in the ongoing developments through the year on the college campus.


The academic executive on a college campus is in charge of bridging the gap between students and administrators on all issues concerning academics, classes, professors, exams, textbooks, etc. Now most people assume that the academic executive doesn't really too much but that is false. On the contrary, the academic executive fights for students when it comes to class registration deadlines, majors and minors offered by the school professor office hours and the construction of new classrooms. https://www.prescottpapers.com/blog/writing-topics-prompts-ideas-and-examples/advertisements-to-write-essays-on.php


On college campuses, a recent trend by administrators has been to push up the class registration add and drop deadline. This is very important to students because by pushing up the class drop deadline, students have fewer days to decide if they should take a certain class. In some schools, the class drop deadline is so early that they end up being stuck with a class that they regret throughout the rest of the semester. Sometimes sticking with a class that students regret and hate will result in a poor grade in that class. In addition, by moving up the class add deadline; students don't get as much time to decide if they want to add a class to their schedule that they like. Students generally like to sit in on a couple of classes that they are interested in and if they like the class, they will add it to their schedule. By moving this class deadline up, students can miss out on taking a class they really want to take. So why have administrators decided to move up this important student deadline? The only possible answer that student academic executives have arrived at is that it is easier for administrators and professors if the deadline is moved up because it removes some of the paperwork and makes it easier for professors to keep track of who is taking their classes.

Another important thing that students need to know is important posted on the blackboard website. The blackboard website is a student-professor program posted for each class for student assignments and announcements. Professors tend to neglect putting up a class syllabus onto the blackboard website and neglect putting student grades onto the website. This information is important for students and the academic executive works with professors in getting this information posted for students online.